Alcohol & Drug Help

These websites are specifically designed to support and educate people about alcohol & drug abuse, if you are seeking assistance within this subject please call an Alcohol/Drug Helpline (0800 787 797) there are also options to free text (8681).
No safe limit is a compiled list of resources to help understand the effects of alcohol on teenagers, there is also helpful strategies to keeping teens safe.
The other talk is an Australian website committed to preventing alcohol and drug abuse, their website lists information and strategies to help bring awareness to the issue.
Alcohol think again talks about the negative health impacts of alcohol on your body, there is also content about young people and community that list some very good tips.
Talk about alcohol is built for young people to be used in a classroom setting as part of lessons on alcohol. It has games and worksheets that can be downloaded from the site to help educate children on the dangers of alcohol abuse.
Alcohol is a NZ website with everything you need to know to help prevent alcohol related harm and inspire New Zealanders to make better decisions about drinking alcohol. Their Alcohol/Drug Helpline is 0800 787 797 or you can free text 8681.
This resource is a great place to learn about drug safety. It lists great information with assisting friends or family you may be worried about.
A helpful blog post about 6 common myths surrounding Alcohol